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Our production of ceramic material description

Ceramic material
Magnesia porcelain
Definition: magnesia porcelain is high quality porcelain, Yin Guangci, magnesium Bone China, crystal porcelain is known, the high temperature 1280 degrees firing strengthening a high-grade porcelain, British as early as the end of the 18th century is to talc as the main raw material for making magnesia porcelain, so magnesia porcelain also known as talc porcelain.
Features: magnesia porcelain porcelain delicate creamy white, fat sheen, touch smooth in feeling, magnesia porcelain slice shaped structure, broken easily into a sheet and not easy to be broken. With high strength, good light transmittance, high thermal stability and other outstanding features, lead cadmium melting amount is low, but also resistant to acid and alkali, lead free poison, easy to wash the performance, withstand the collision of the kitchen operation, not easy to damage.
Color classification: magnesia porcelain with beige white magnesia porcelain and ivory white magnesia porcelain two coloring. At present, we store the magnesia porcelain is belongs to the beige white magnesia porcelain.
Purpose: magnesia porcelain used for families, guesthouses, restaurants, pay attention to the taste of life of people, because of its price is affordable, relatively high-end features, will be the mass of the best choice.
Definition: stoneware, also known as "stone embryo porcelain", is a kind of in about 1150 DEG C high temperature firing to glass is similar to glass, a liquid impermeable) ceramics. Stoneware about source in 1400 BC in China, 17 century for exporting to Europe, these from red to dark brown stoneware from Germany, Britain and the Netherlands have copy and imitation.
Features: stoneware is dense, decal made of ceramic pigment paste on glaze or directly to paints on the surface of the product, and then by 700 to 850 DEG C baking and made, because the baking temperature burning did not reach the melting temperature of the glaze layer, so take the surface can not sink into the glaze, only close to the surface of glaze layer. If you use hand to touch, the surface of the product is concave and convex.
Uses: soil characteristics of stoneware, porcelain stoneware product looks retro, elegant, for the love of people used home is a good choice.