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At Lake Country Christian Academy we strive to provide an Exemplary Education for a Greater Purpose. We desire to educate our students so they are prepared to enter every person’s world to transform the culture with a biblical perspective on life.

We are dedicated to glorifying God by preparing our students to participate effectively in God’s plan for their lives. This will be accomplished first of all, by teaching them from Scripture that God has created them, has offered them salvation, and has set absolute standards for them with morals and values.

Whether you’re relocating to the Lake Country area or are looking for a new solution to your child’s education, we invite you to browse through our site. Located in Nashotah, Wisconsin, in the heart of Lake Country, conveniently nestled between Hartland and Oconomowoc off of Highway 16, contact us to schedule a principal consultation and tour (262-367-3756.)

What State Leaders are Saying About LCCA

Have you seen the recent article by Representative Joel Kleefisch?

Here’s an excerpt:

This quarter, 8th grade students at Lake Country Christian Academy got to be entrepreneurs. They were given the task to develop, market and successfully sell a new business venture. The students were tasked with both selling the product on its face as well as selling the business plan that accompanied it; they had to be able to show how the product will fare in the real world marketplace.

What I love about this program is that the students got to be creative, while at the same time learning important job skills. The students learned how to develop a successful business plan, how to identify and analyze weaknesses, and how to work within the marketplace.

Click Here to read the full article:

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A Very Special Guest

A Very Special Guest

February 25th, 2015

Our 4th grade class recently had a very special visitor, Brigitte Gunst. Mrs. Gunst was a young child during World War II and told the class many details of her family's difficult times during the war. One of the memories she shared was of the night their family had[...]

K4 Visit to the Post Office

K4 Visit to the Post Office

February 23rd, 2015

Our K4 class recently took a trip to the post office. They met Postmaster Michelle who showed them how to mail letters. In the classroom, they made a graph of how long it takes for the letters to get to our homes. They got to go behind the Post[...]

Private Education Tax Credit!
Did you know that now you can take tax credits for private education in the state of Wisconsin?
Click here to read all about it.

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